Kerala Jaiva Karshaka Smithi (Kerala Organic Farmers Association) is a voluntary organisation working for more than 25 years in Kerala on Organic Farming, Ecology, Health and Happiness. Kerala Jaiva Karshaka Smithi's main objective is to create food production and distribution locally, give fair price to farmers and healthy food for the community through environment friendly organic farming. Samithi aims to create alternative lifestyle models through constructive work and create a farmer pressure group to strike when and if needed against develop mentality that destroys the environment around us.

Life on the earth is under severe distress due to the unethical development and heavy usage of chemical fertilisers, insecticides and mono-cropping in farming. Samithi aims at purifying the soil, air, water and feeding every one poison free food through its various regional and state level activities.

Kerala Jaiva Karshaka Samithi was formed in 1992 by a group of environmentalists in One Earth One Life’ with leadership from famous ecologist Shri. John C. Jacob, naturopathy doctor Dr. C.R. R. Varma and expert in Organic Farming Shri. K.V Dayal.

Organisation Structure:

Kerala Jaiva Karshaka Samithi has a state body that co-ordinates all activities from the districts and organises state level programmes. District level programmes are headed by the District Committee. For the regional work, Samithi has taluka committees, Panchayat/ Municipality/ Corporation Committees.


Anyone who is interested in organic farming or is working in organic farming, environmental awareness, health and alternative eco-friendly life style in Kerala can apply for Samithi membership. If anybody wants to take membership he/ she should approach Panchayat/ Corporation/ Municipality, Taluka or District committee. The membership fee for admission is Rs. 50 and yearly renewal fee is Rs.100.

Regional Unit formation:

If anybody is interested to make a Panchayat/ Municipality/ Corporation committee in a region which at present has no regional committee, they should first approach the district committee and take Samithi membership. The District or State Committee permission is mandatory for making such regional units.